📰 Noteworthy stories for today #28

The watch from THAT scene in Pulp Fiction, FindSatoshi.com - the 15 year mystery & the rise & fall of Kirkland Laing

It’s been an intense week culminating in a dead-arm from our first vaccine session. Anyway here is 3 stories this week I’ve enjoyed. If you’ve also enjoyed this round-up share the newsletter around!


Safe-keeping. The story of the Pulp Fiction watch

I’m a big watch fan, despite knowing next to nothing about movements, crystals, lug to lug widths or any of that shit - I still adore watches and specifically watches with a history….even fictional ones. In this interview on Hodinkee, they spoke to Prop Master Jonathan R. Hodges on one the most iconic watches in cinema - the watch that Bruce Willis’ character receives from Christopher Walken in that famous scene from Pulp Fiction. Read on Hodinkee here.

FindSatoshi.com, the 15 Year Mystery

I’ve never had the patience for puzzles, which is a shame because I love adventure of figuring them out. Every now and then I come across a story of an arduous riddle or puzzle being finally solved like Forest Fenn’s Treasure and think ‘shit if only I had started sooner I could have solved it’ knowing full well I’d lose interest and much rather read a story about the doggedness of whoever did solve it. This is one of those stories, a 15 year mystery solved purely for the love of it - featuring old-school internet community, facial recognition, a message in a bottle, European chalets and a Japanese man. Read the story of how generations of internet sleuths solved the mystery of Satoshi.

Kirkland Laing’s Rise and Fall

Last night during Fight Night I was reminded of the death of Kirkland Laing this week - the sporadic and broken Boxer who defeated the legendary and feared Roberto Duran in a stunning upset. I’m not too familiar with Kirkland honestly, but this piece written by Steve Bunce, if you can ignore hearing his voice as you read it, is a moving account of a man who could of had it all but disappeared. Read on The Independent here.

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