📰 Noteworthy stories for today #24

The Fentanyl dealing doctor, Computer updates on Mars & 5-Star abandoned buildings.

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The Doctor Pumping Toronto Full Of Fentanyl

For years George Otto worked hard as an immigrant doctor in Toronto to create the life he always dreamed of in Uganda but behind the curtain the lengths he’d go to keeping the money flowing contributed to one of the biggest Fentanyl dealing rings in Toronto. Read on Toronto Life about how a tiny gang of Doctors, Pharmacists and Dealers did so much damage and how they kept getting away with it.

Update Now. Remind Me Tomorrow.

In the insane world of Space exploration, the most exciting advances are usually the big technological leaps, the distance travelled, crewed missions etc but for me the most interesting stories are the mundane problems and solutions that become make-or-break when trying to accomplish across planets. This week the Ingenuity will make it’s first powered flight on Mars – but first it needs a software update… from Earth… Read on Vice how NASA are planning to achieve that.

Five-Star Abandoned Buildings

New York, 1930 - The Pierre opened and apart from a brief closure remained opened for 89 years, all 44 floors of it - until March 2020 when the world shut it’s doors and the hotel and travel sector was forced to do so as well. For a building like The Pierre, the staff not only lost their jobs but their family as well. The New Yorker has a really nice profile on the hotel and the staff that remained on to witness it’s emptiness.

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