📰 Noteworthy stories for today #32

The case of the Tik Tok tics, The calm around the storms & 1 day and night with Anthony Bourdain

This week’s round-up of interesting reads - and on time too.

The Mysterious Case of the Tik Tok tics

In 2019, something strange was happening, a psychiatrist at Hannover Medical School was receiving a series of cases of young people who were suddenly developing advanced tics associated with Tourettes - completely out of the blue. As social media invades our lives ever further we’re finding we’re being influenced in more and more unusual ways. Read on Wired here.

The Calm Around the Storms

The Guardian has a warm write u of Angelo Dundee on what have been his 100th birthday last Monday. The man was in a lot of ways the anti-thesis of most trainers and corner teams now - measured, articulate, top buttoned - he provided his fighters a calm foundation for them to achieve greatness. I love this kind of write ups because there’s always an interesting anecdote I hadn’t heard before like how he like telling Willie Pep that every round he lost he was losing a door or window on his new house. Read on The Guardian here.

A Day & Night with Anthony Bourdain

I’ll admit it wasn’t until he passed that I ever watched an Anthony Bourdain series and again to my shame, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realised what an energetic and evocative writer he is. This archival piece from the New Yorker first published in 2000 is a fast paced, charismatic detailing of a day and night in his Les Halles restaurant - I honestly don’t know how he found the time to remember all these details let alone write them down so perfectly but I guess that was the magic of him. Read on The New Yorker here.

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