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The Everest Economy, chasing evil in Bulgaria & Portraits of Lives Lost

Welcome back to another newsletter of desperate stories and whatever else I want. This week another Original in the form of piece of Data Viz art piece I’ve been working on.

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Portraits of Lives Lost

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The Everest Economy

Last year working at The Economist the paper released its ‘World in 2020’ project that took a look at what to expect in the year ahead. 2020 was supposed to be Nepal’s year for tourism and like everywhere else nobody could have predicted what a punch in the face this year was going to be. Even more so for a country that relies so heavily on tourism. Bloomberg have a nice breakdown on the economics of Everest and the population that it employs with some really nice data viz too.

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Chasing Evil in Bulgaria

In Bulgarian winters lives a tradition of chasing out the evil, dressed in surreal costumes of silky goat hair, horns and steel bells, the Kukeri festival is one of Bulgaria’s most original practices. In a moment like this, I wish I could travel to bizarre events and see the magic of human traditions like these, Theo Cottle was able to photograph the festival goers in Pernik despite the event being cancelled for his new book Generation/поколение and that will have to do right now.

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