📰 Noteworthy stories for today #15

The last two of a species, descent into mystery & beating the men at their own games

I’m back, happy new year! After an eventful last few months the newsletter should start to pick up again regularly. I’ve read a ton of great articles, data journalism and adventure stories which I’ll be sharing as we go on into hopefully a better 2021.

The last two of a species

In 2018 the last male Northern White Rhino died of natural causes leaving behind the last two females of the species - the one realistic hope of reviving the White Rhino had gone and the last of the species living in what they call “functional extinction”. This a long long read but really worth dipping back in and out as author Sam Anderson recounts her time spent with Fatu and Najin and their carers as well as a brief and interesting history of the Rhinoceros. Read on The New York Times.

Descent into mystery

This article from Outside Magazine is more interesting for the awe inspiring photographs that feature through-out (same too for the New York Times story above to be honest). Stories like these remind me of the fact that there are still mysteries on the planet, places undiscovered or misunderstood by us still. “Journey into the Center of the Earth” follows the daughter of famous explorer of Stan Hall as she tries to experience the mysterious Cave of the Oilbirds in her own way, separate from her father’s experience of it. Read on Outside Magazine.

Beating the men at their own games

I have quite a fascination with gamblers, it’s something I would never have the balls or the interest to do. I visited the Cheltenham New Years Day races once but found no attraction in betting, I won a few and lost a few but nothing really drew me to it. People who bet their entire lives on guesses essentially. So I love reading about people who up-end the odds and particularly people who up-end the odds in sports they weren’t welcome in. Read about Cat Hulbert and how she made got rich at a game that has broken so many people. Read on BBC.

That’s all for now, see you soon!