📰 Noteworthy stories for today #17

The last Polar adventure, locked out of forgotten fortunes & 2020's Biggest Polluters

This week our first story is fittingly arctic for this weekends snow in the UK, enjoy.

The Last Polar Adventure

There aren’t many modern adventurers around, let alone ones that complete never been done before expeditions. I was vaguely aware of Mike Horn who I had seen in another interview somewhere else so when I caught wind of this piece from Nat Geo I was hooked as soon as I saw his name. This is the story of one of the most dangerous Polar expeditions known to man by two of the most experienced adventurers known to man - that was almost never completed. Read on Nat Geo.

Locked Out of Forgotten Fortunes

Back in the day I remember working for a small design shop in Brooklyn on something or other and was chatting to them about this new thing called Bitcoin that they were allowing people to pay with. Eight or so years on and the Bitcoin gold rush is in full effect and with the value of Bitcoin soaring its got early-adopters scrambling to remember the passwords for their digital wallets and the forgotten fortunes they’ve amassed. Continue reading on the New York Times.

Quick Dives: 2020’s Biggest Polluters

Lastly, check out yesterday’s interactive Data Viz on 2020’s biggest polluters in a new section I’m calling Quick Dives. Original content I will putting together sporadically to accompany the regular Round-Up newsletter. See the full post here and check out the interactive graphic on Instagram here.

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