📰 Noteworthy stories for today #23

The Super Bowl Heist, Horse Meat Militia and an Air Pollution Instagram Filter

Today’s round-up of interesting reads.

The Super Bowl Heist

On ESPN last week I read this fun story about the self proclaimed Master Thief Sean Murphy, one of the most meticulous and prolific grifters in Massachusetts. A team of thieves reminiscent of the cast from an Ocean’s Eleven film conspire to rob the newly crowned New York Giant’s Super Bowl Rings. Find out how he was caught on ESPN.

The Florida Horse-Meat Vigilantes

It wasn’t so long ago that the UK had its own Horse-meat scandal and it seems Florida has a growing underground market of criminal butchers doing the same, a shady world of stealing horses, buying them under the table from race stables and hacking them up for sale. Meet the small time militia breaking the rules, and the law, to bring down illegal horse butchers in Florida on Bloomberg Businessweek.

Visualising Air Pollution Around The World

Last week, I finished the last touches to an AR Instagram filter visualising the levels of PM 2.5 (fine toxic particles) in the air around different major cities. You can read the full Quick Dive of what PM 2.5 is and how dangerous it is here for free. You can try out the filter here on Instagram in our Stories highlight, tag @thedivenewsletter so I can see what you’ve got up to with it.

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