📰 Noteworthy stories for today #25

A life through French hip-hop, how pop culture changed pop music & the Punk Florist

This weeks round up is a feast of rhythmic reads, enjoy.

A Life Through French Hip-Hop

In my early 20s I spent some time living in Paris and was no stranger to Nova Radio as a way to improve my French. The counter culture station was like an untapped vein of exciting and off-beat music, Jesse McCarthy brilliant captures growing up in Paris through the lens of hip-hop as it grew from emulating East Coast West Coast styles to a genre in its own right from RER to banlieue. Read on The Guardian.

How Pop Culture Changed Pop Music

Some Data Viz appreciation for The New York Times, constantly re-imagining complex subjects effortlessly - this week we have a piece on the evolution of music from strict structured stanzas to expressive and experimental song formats catered to modern listening habits. Check it out here and get some good headphones to experience it too.

The Punk Florist

To round off our unintentional musically theme long-reads this weekend is a piece from The New Yorker on Azuma Makoto, the Punk Florist, the Johnny Rotten of the Blossom. The Japanese got his start as a penniless bassist before falling in love with the traditional art of ikebana (flower arranging). The New Yorker has a nice write up on the short documentary Alison Klayman directed (also included!).

See ya next week