📰 Noteworthy stories for today #14

Icebergs on the move, Forrest Fenn's treasure is found & The Donut King comes full circle.

Another week another tier, hopefully some of these stories will peak your curiosity.

The iceberg on a collision course with South Georgia Island

The world’s largest iceberg is on the move, I’ve seen bits and pieces on the story but Nat Geo have a great write up on it. The iceberg, catchily named A68 broke off from the Antarctic peninsula in 2017 and has been making a slow and steady path towards the South Georgia Island which if you’re not familiar, as I wasn’t, is East of Argentina and The Falklands and is sanctuary to an entire Antarctic ecosystem. Above are visuals that show the scale of this journey and its impact.

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Who found the treasure of Forrest Fenn?

I’ve followed the story of Forrest Fenn’s treasure for years now every since reading about it in Huck magazine. A modern day treasure hunt using only the clues of a single poem written inside an impossible to find autobiography from an army pilot and antiques dealer that spanned a decade and a handful of deaths of people searching for the chest. Last week Outside released an article with the man who finally solved the riddle and why he’s still keeping the location a secret.

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The Donut King comes full circle

When filmmaker Alice Gu noticed that many Donut shops were Cambodian she starting pulling at the thread and was lead to one man - Ted Ngoy - who in 1975 fled his home for America with nothing and became not only the largest owner of Donut shops in California but probably the largest sponsor of other Cambodians fleeing the war. And then he lost it all.

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