📰 Noteworthy stories for today #16

Home is where the heart is, telling time with colour & the air-mile-high club

Evenin’ this weeks selection is ready to go a little late.

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Home is where the heart is

During the the lockdown in 2020, I was working at The Economist in London but suddenly no longer at the office. Ez and I decided to take the jump and move out to the beach instead and for six months we had a cute apartment overlooking the sea. It was a place that was special and exciting to us for various reasons. Arthur Brooks argues that with the current state of work we should all exploit this new found, and hidden, freedom by moving where we love and wonders why more people aren’t. Continue reading on The Atlantic.

Some quick data viz by myself on the decline of moving in the US.

Telling time through colour

I’ve become a bit of a watch nerd, not that nerdy - I couldn’t tell you a reference number or really the difference between certain spring movements or whatever the fuck is inside it but I do love watches. This story from Hodinkee is an interesting breakdown of an interesting process of an interesting concept - it looks at how Belgian watchmaker Ressence designed a watch that would communicate time through colour almost alone and minute calculations that went into doing that. Read on Hodinkee.

The air-mile-high club outwitting the airlines

I’ve always found the process of travelling totally unenjoyable and exhausting but do quite like killing time in airports though the idea of spending time exclusively in airports and planes is not something that is desirable to most - except for this small and growing group of flight hackers that run loopholes around the big airlines exploiting their air-miles to max. Read on Rolling Stone here.

See ya.