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Leon Spinks Obituary, Not Sorry to Bother You & Rioting for Journalism

Leon Spinks Obituary

This morning I woke up to the news that the boxer Leon Spinks aged 67 had died, a name probably not too familiar too most but he holds recognition for being the unranked underdog that beat Muhammad Ali and striped him of his title - an underdog so, so under that bookmakers didn’t even bother taking bets on him. In a twist of circumstance reminiscent to Ruiz versus Joshua, Spinks found himself in the ring with the biggest name in boxing and pulled it off, smiling all the way through. A happy-go-lucky guy who was hard not to like with his missing teeth and relaxed attitude, he was an every-man champ that will be missed. Read his obituary on The Guardian.

Not Sorry to Bother You

It’s estimated that $3.5 billion was stolen from people in 2019 through scam calls. An industry that largely targets elderly and vulnerable people, working on their confusion about their finances and online banking. The Youtube channel Jim Browning (not his real name) lifts the lid on these scams, and tracks down the fraudsters, worked with Yudhijit Bhattacharjee of The New York Times to confront these scammers and see why they do what they do. You can also check out Jim Browning’s channel here.

Rioting for Journalism

Last year I completed a book that had been in the making for about 5 years on Protest Art, attending as many marches and protests as I could find in my free time. It was exciting to be part of movements I believed in that were happening even movements that I didn’t believe in - there was a certain energy about sneaking into them unknown to my political opponents. There was always a line though, I knew when to duck out and not get swept up and maybe I missed an amazing photo but earlier on I had to make peace with the fact that I was going to miss things, I wasn’t going to be able to capture everything and to be ok with that. Reading this kid John Sullivan reminds me that there is a fine line between spectator, partaker and journalist and one that needs to be internally respected. Read about John Sullivan and how he ended up in the Capital Riots on The Atlantic.

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