📰 Noteworthy stories for today #27

The unstoppable Ducktales Bandit, the unsolvable Magic Trick & Diving for legs

Morning, today’s round-up of interesting stories I’ve read recently, enjoy!

The Unstoppable Ducktales Bandit

It’s not many times you read a story and think ‘how the hell did I miss hearing about this in my lifetime’ but this piece on Dagobert the Berlin bomber who’s escapades were seemingly inspired by Scrooge McDuck is one of them. Filled with bizarre contraptions, high-stakes getaways and an embarrassed Police force - this is one of the more insane stories I’ve featured so far. Read on The Atlantic here.

The Unsolvable Berglas Effect

Although I’m not a practitioner myself, I’ve always been fascinated with slight-of-hand, misdirection and card tricks from the likes of David Blaine who I remember growing u watching with dad. The ‘Any Card And Any Number’ trick is the basis of thousands of variations of card tricks and requires the imagination, the confidence and the mental prep to create the right opportunity to land. And so comes a story about one of the most magnetic and mysterious tricks by David Berglas, which to this day can still not be solved - and its creator is as tight-lipped as ever.

The Diver Who Found a Leg

I really want to learn how to dive. 2021 is the year I learn how to dive. I’m not to proud to admit that I still have that childlike fascination to search for treasure. This lighthearted story from Outside Magazine is a nice topper to the round-up of a father and son team who discovered a leg buried in the sea, and the owner who lost it. Read on Outside Magazine.

See you soon